Drainage Management Systems

We offer Drainage Management System that is a complete solution to drainage concerns of many industries, such as chemical and oil refinery factories. It is the management system where conventional drainage system is intercepted by a water control structure, which effectively function as an in-line dam, allowing the drainage outlet to be artificially set at levels ranging from the soil surface to the bottom of the drains. We offer two major systems where in first, water level is controlled with structures by adding or removing logs or using float mechanism to control the opening and closing of a flow valve.

Auto Drain Valve

The Auto Drain valve allows automatic discharge in a reliable manner and without any human intervention. Here, the condensate drips from above onto the protective cap, which is meant to prevent contamination or clogging of the valve or down the inside wall and then collect in the lower part of the bowl. With the help of automatic drainage process, the collection of condensate causes the float to lift and once the float has lifted enough, the valve actuation open the valve. During this operation the filter bowl is under pressure that penetrates through the valve into the inner pressure chamber of the automatic piston and therefore opening movement of the automatic piston, condensates is drained off. Our auto drain valve is highly dust and corrosion resistant with high durability.

Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type

Technologically developed Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type is primarily used for controlling the rate of flow in both fluid and air powered tools, motors and systems. Here, condensate collects in the container housing and valve remains closed and leak proof. As the container is filled to the upper or high level sensor point on the solenoid valve lifts the plunger because of magnetic flux, which is generated by the activated coil.


  • Low operational noise
  • Leakage proof
  • Fully automated operations
  • Varies range of models available
  • In case of blockage, activates self cleaning mode
  • Maintenance free


  • Washing machines
  • Gas boilers
  • Hydraulic pumps


Zero Air Loss Ball Valve Type

Integrated with latest technologies, the exclusive range of Zero Air Loss Ball Valve Type gives superb control as the operations are all automated with significant economic benefits. Our ball valve type come with wider diameter and is free from any blocking occurrence. Our product is also safer than other ball valve type as we provide them with restoration ability when converted to emergency mode by the user. In addition, the switching time of electric actuate ball valve is short therefore operate ball valve is opened perfectly at operation.


  • Operates under atmospheric pressure state with ease
  • Excellent scale discharge
  • Good durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Automatic discharge function
  • Comes with digital counting indicator


  • Chemical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Petro chemical plants


Oil Water Separator

Our company develops superb range of Oil Water Separator that splits the gross amount of oil and hanging solids from waste water effluents of petrochemical plants, oil refineries, natural gas processing plants etc. Here, condensate emulsifier by oil flows into the pressure relief chamber and pressure applied to condensate is taken out by pressure drop action of the chamber. After that in our machine, oil is floated up to first gravity separation from the condensate stocked in the pre-tank and is stored into oil collection container with the help of oil drainpipe and some oil that is not emulsified is removed as it affects much to the service life of the filter. Finally, the condensate-removed oil is purified during transient through the multi- phase filter container and later in the end discharged.


  • Reliable method for condensation
  • Advance quality filter
  • Easy installation
  • Reduces disposal cost
  • Operational reliability
  • All models can be prepared with heating unit for cold weather applications


  • Chemical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Natural gas plants