Energy Measurement Solutions

We work as authorized dealing point against VP Instruments, Netherlands and involved in offering Energy Management Solutions. If the energy is measured, it can be utilized meaningfully. These solutions helps in saving compressed air and industrial gases by revealing the cost of these gases and by providing monetary benefits to the clients. These solutions are used for measuring the demand and the actual consumption of energy used in plant.

Pneumsys Advance Energy Solutions is specializes in offering various solutions for energy management, which includes :

VP FlowScope

The VP FlowScope measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously. It’s the ultimate compressed air audit tool, used by leading auditors worldwide.

The device has a built-in display with keypad for configuration: no need to bring a computer on-site! With the VP FlowScope you can measure virtually any compressed air system with a single instrument.


VP-Flowmate (IN-LINE Flowmeters)

For small compressors, demand side and point of use measurement, we offer plug and play packages, consisting of an easy to install in-line flow meter and cable. Thanks to their unsurpassed measurement range, we offer three models for ½",1" and 2" that fit virtually all demand side applications. A wall mount power supply (IP54/ NEMA 3) is optional


VP- Dew Point Sensors

Maintaining the dew point of your air or gas system will prolong the lifetime of your equipment. Permanent monitoring enables you to detect and prevent problems on time.

VPInstruments' dew point transmitters are designed for ease of use, incorporating all the features needed to make installation and operation as simple as possible. The calibrated transmitters can be instantly incorporated into VPVision, or they can be connected to your air or gas management and control system.


VP Instrument Leak Detector

The VP Leak Detector is a practical tool for any leak detection program. Simple to use - find compressed air leaks and prevent machinery failure with this unique instrument.

The VP Leak Detector features a sensitivity dial with decibel indications. In addition, it features an LED bar graph display in which each LED equals approximately 3 dB - ideal for calculating decibel levels.


VP Flow Terminalr

The VPFlowTerminal is a plug & play wall mount display with built-in power supply and 2 million point data logger. The VPFlowTerminal has five sensor inputs: one input for a VPFlowMate or VPFlowScope mass flow meter, and four generic analog inputs and can record up to 8 channels. This makes the collection and analysis of your compressed air data easier and quicker.


VP Studio Software

With VPStudio, you can configure all VPInstruments products, view real time measurements and retrieve data log sessions. VPStudio enables you to viewdata in any unit both SI and Imperial. You can schedule your data log session, set logging intervals and adjust flow meter parameters. VPStudio communicates via your PC’s USB port.


VP Vision

VPVision offers you the complete monitoring solution for compressed air and technical gases. It makes energy savings easy, quick, and rewarding. Using the latest web technology, VPVision enables you to viewdata anywhere, anytime. VPVision analyzes flow data and makes your savings potential transparent.

VPVision can be expanded to receive and consolidate data such as electric demand (compressor kW) and dew point. VPVision can also be fully integrated into a plant’sexisting SCADA system and linked to the Internet to allow access by designated company staff from anywhere.


Current Sensors

The VPLog-i measures AC currents up to 3200A (true-RMS on a single phase power cable). The VPLog-i is very easy to use: just wrap around one of the three phases and close the snap fitting. It offers the best solution for your mobile power measurements. The VPLog-i is the only sensor on the market that offers both 4 ... 20mA and pulse outputs.


Hot Tap Drill

The hot tap drill is the universal tool to install your insertion flow meter in any compressed air system. In only 30 minutes you can drill a hole and install your flow meter. Using a hot tap saddle and a hot tap drill, you can create a new installation point without depressurizing your installation.


Hot Tap Saddle

Hot tap saddles are available from DN44 to DN600 in the temperature range up to 70°C. For each installation point, you need the right saddle. The exact outer diameter is important to select the right saddle. For suitable hot tap saddles, ask the VPInstruments sales team.