Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention Systems

Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention System offered by us provides a way of reducing the growth of flaming fires and thus for preventing fires from causing considerable harm. These systems differ from other extinguishing systems as they discharges extinguishing agent once a fire has been sensed.

Oxygen works as an important element, which supports combustion and life. When the oxygen content is purposely lessened for particular applications, the resulting gas is called hypoxic air or condensed oxygen air. Regular air is a combination of oxygen and nitrogen, collectively with little amounts of carbon dioxide, argon and other gases. These systems are functional in fixings where it is possible to manage the environment of the sheltered spaces, either completely for fire prevention or in amalgamation with other indoor atmosphere control.


The method of this system depends upon the principle; to keep the environment in the areas to be sheltered low in oxygen, less than usual ambient. This will automatically inhibit and extinguish combustion while enduring safe for humans. The consequence of this auto-extinguishing environment on humans is the similar as the air at 3300m elevation; the fractional pressure of oxygen at that elevation is equivalent to the partial pressure of oxygen in the method of N2 prevention system.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic in function
  • Modifies air through a absolutely ecological process with very low energy consumption
  • Prevents the start of any combustion in the protected areas by scrutinizing and controlling the amount of oxygen to nitrogen in the enclosed environment