Pure Water & Drinks Dispense Fitting Services

Pure Water and Drinks Dispense Fittings are used in food processing industries for hygienic dispense applications. These fittings are easy to install and do not require any effort to fix. The connections made by these fittings are quick and strong with complete quality assurance. The tubes can be easily pushed into the fittings to make immediate and permanent leak proof connections. Easy to disconnect and re-use without any requirement for replacement parts, these fittings ensures excellent durability. The assortment of is manufactured in FDA complaint materials making especially suitable for portable liquids.

Types of Pure Water and Dispense Fittings

  • PI Fittings :
  • PI Fittings are manufactured in grey acetal copolymer and are perfect for applications involving foodstuffs and potable liquids. These fittings are ideal for air and inert gases.

  • CI Fittings :
  • CI Fittings are manufactured in white acetal along with good grade EPDM "O" ring. These fittings are extensively used in water industry for portable liquids and are perfect for intermittent hot water applications.

  • PP Fittings :
  • PP Fittings are special push-in fittings that are manufactured in white polypropylene and fitted with EPDM seals. The range of fittings ensures more resistance to chemical comparing to acetal.

  • Super Seal Fittings :
  • Super seal Fittings are specially designed to provide grip on stainless steel, hard steel and other polished metal tubing. These fittings ensures that the collect teeth bite systematically into the tube to provide grip while at the same time, compressing the "O" rings to additional improve sealing.

  • MI Fittings :
  • MI Fittings are manufactured using best grade brass and are ideal for beverage dispense applications.


  • Re-usable
  • No tools required
  • Quick Disconnection
  • Superior Flow Characteristics
  • Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
  • Fast installation time "right first time every time"