Compressed Air Energy Management System By VP VISION

Excerpts from Pascal Director VP INSTRUMENTS - Sharing the VP Vision Ever tried to configure a plant wide energy management system yourself ? The answer is probably no. Because most energy management platforms and SCADA systems are too complicated. You need to call an IT expert of consultant at $$$ per hour to add a sensor, configure an alarm or create a simple report.

With VPVision, you are back in control. Thanks to the user friendly web interface, and transparent software architecture, you can add, remove, modify sensors yourself. Anywhere, at any time.

Within a few mouse clicks, or using your tablet, you can build a system with our VPFlowScope 3 in one compressed air flowmeters, and kW meters. But you can also expand towards water, steam and natural gas. After installation of the sensor hardware, you can easily add the devices via the VPVision configuration panel.

Compressed Air Energy Management System By VP VISION

The core of VPVision is an SQL database, combined with a state of the art web server. And with the optional SQL connector you can connect VPVision to a plant-wide monitoring system or ERP software. 

VPVision can access any device with Modbus RS485 Modbus/TCP , 4...20 mA or pulse output. Using your company’s Ethernet network, you can save considerable time and money on installation. The PDF report generator is a standard feature within the VPVision software. You can create PDF report templates, and have them generated automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom interval.