Hot tap drill

The hot tap drill is the universal tool to install your insertion flow meter in any compressed air system. In only 30 minutes you can drill a hole and install your flow meter. Using a hot tap saddle and a hot tap drill, you can create a new installation point without depressurizing your installation.

Compared to low-cost electrical hot tap drills, which are prone to jamming and breaking of the drill head, our hot tap drill is safe and easy to operate. See our instruction video for details.

Note: Hot tapping is a skilled task. Familiarize yourself with this task. VPInstruments also offers you training to get skilled. Once trained, you will be able to make process connections quickly, safe and economically. The average time to install is only 30 minutes. Actual installation times may vary.

•    For application up to 10 bar
•    1” Hot tap drill size
•    All accessories included
•    Explorer®  transport case included

•    Make an installation point without taking the pressure of your system.
•    Hand operated: no power tool needed on-site
•    Safe and easy operaion
•    Versatile: For stainless and carbon stee