VPFlowMate in-line

The energy meter for compressed air™

The VPFlowMate in-line is an easy to use compresed air flow meter, for point of use measurement, leakage management in small compressed air networks. We offer 3 types with different measurement ranges. it comes standard with a bright LCD display, on which you can read the actual flow and totalizer.

Product highlights

  • Mass flow, total flow
  • Built-in 2-line display
  • Large measurement range


  • Demand side measurement
  • Point of use
  • Cost allocation of compressed air
  • Leakage management


  • Brochures
  • Software
  • Manuals
Per 01-01-2015, the VPFlowMate in line is replaced by the VPFlowScope in line. The VPFlowScope in-line measures flow, pressure and temperature. It also features a modbus RTU interface (RS485), 4..20 mA and pulse output.