The VPFlowTerminal is a plug & play wall mount display with built-in power supply and 2 million point data logger.

The new generation VPFlowTerminal has five sensor inputs: one input for a VPFlowMate or VPFlowScope mass flow meter, and four generic analog inputs. With this new display you have all data together in one display and logged in one data logger. This makes the collection and analysis of your compressed air data easier and quicker!

Product highlights

  • 3 row display
  • Back light with dim function
  • 2 million data points
  • USB connector and Ethernet interface


  • Efficiency: monitoring the efficiency of you compressor system. Measure with the VPFlowScope in the main pipe line of your system and measure with 4 power meters the power consumption of each compressor.
  • Air audits: the VPFlowTerminal can be used for air audits since you collect all data within one data logger. This makes the data collection, read out and analysis very convenient. Total package: Measure flow together with dew point, pressure and power consumption.